post-thumb The Power Grid: An Overview and Its Evolution

June 2017 - Jake Anderson

Background As we move further into the 21st century, modern technology has disrupted countless industries and been ingrained into our daily lives. The goal of this article is to look at longstanding infrastructure that is imperative for humanity’s survival yet taken for granted on a daily basis: the electricity grid. Power grids as we know them came into existence roughly 100 years ago, and while they have grown and evolved, a lot of the core infrastructure, concepts, and technology are still commonplace today.

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post-thumb Renewable Siting Automation

May 2017 - Jake Anderson

Background At Anderson Optimization, our goal is to bring useful technology to the energy industry. When we founded the company, we talked to a lot of industry stakeholders and consistently heard about renewable development and siting inefficiencies - as outlined in this article, and we felt that we could provide immediate value. Siting consists of manual processes such as ideal substation identification, manual environmental scans, costly consultant analysis, and land search processes.

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post-thumb Renewable Siting Inefficiencies

April 2017 - Jake Anderson

Background As renewable generation has reached a point of financial viability and strategic success in the energy industry, a supporting industry of companies with supporting tools have arisen to help usher in this new era of electricity. Despite the advent of new technologies, there are still large areas of opportunity for industry improvement. Renewable development is still very expensive and time consuming. Renewable generation still represents a fairly small percentage of the United States’ overall generation profile.

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post-thumb So Much Sun, So Little Storage

January 0001 - John Nolan

A clean energy distribution network in Europe will rely on energy storage solutions which will include the use of batteries Southern Europe is bathed in sunshine. In Andalusia, Southern Spain, there are around 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, or over 8 hours a day, equating to no less than 4.75 kWh/m2 of daily sunshine. With a surface area of 87,597 km2, this means it has massive solar energy generating potential – the biggest in Europe.

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