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Advanced software solutions that optimize site identification, project analysis, and grid modeling activities for renewable developers, utilities, and other energy industry stakeholders.

AO Platform

Energy Analysis Platform

A powerful software platform built on the cloud capable of performing flexible and integrated energy analysis workflows.

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AO Prospect

Renewable Siting

Identify quality land for new sites in a matter of minutes using a variety of data and proprietary automation capabilities.

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AO Site Analysis

Site Feasibility & Valuation

Perform automated site analysis to determine the true valuation, ideal technology mix, and optimal parameters for your project.

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AO Energy Markets

Grid Modeling & Optimization

Utilize cutting-edge production cost and optimization modeling frameworks for injection studies, price and congestion analysis, storage modeling, and more.

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Interactive Platform

Real-time updates and synchronization allow for seamless team collaboration.

Energy Analysis Specific

Built directly for the energy industry by including commonly used data and parameters such as grid infrastructure information and time of use rates.

Extensible Features

Create new features and streamlined analysis to best meet user needs using a flexible task system.

Data Visualizations

Customized visualizations make it easy for any user to gain valuable insights.

Software Benefits

Easy to Use

Anyone can easily perform complex analysis

Cloud Software

Produce results faster, and minimize internal software management


Expedited feature development and rapid integration with existing tools

Optimization Software

State-of-the-art optimization models and software provide the most accurate results

External Integration

Seamless external system and data integration

Integrated Data Sources

Quality substation, line, GIS, and parcel necessary for siting consolidated in a central location.

Automation & Filters

Automatically identify parcels nearby substations or lines, and instantly remove land with environmental constraints.

Site Layout

Rapidly map site constraints and perform early-stage design work to automatically determine buildable

Data Export

Export work to use in downstream landowner outreach and design processes.

Software Benefits

Increase Capacity

Capacity and throughput typically increase by 2X-4X per user.

Reduce Non-Value-Added Work

Consolidation eliminates wasted effort sifting through disparate files and applications

Cost savings

Reduces need for external land consultants

Scenario Analysis

Stop repeating work. Save common analysis processes and apply them to any project with just one click.

Parameter Sensitivities

Run analysis on thousands of varying scenarios to generate robust financial and energy output for analysis.

Detailed Solar Array Calculations

Calculate detailed solar array operations data for given resource inputs.

Optimized Battery Operation

Utilize optimization software to determine the ideal operation of your battery system.

Software Benefits

Optimized Projects

Scenarios ensure optimal project specifications to maximize return.

Rapid Analysis

Setup thousands of scenarios and apply consistent workflows with just one click.

Cost Savings

Eliminate costs for site valuation consultants and additional sensitivity analysis.

Innovative Models

Utilize models based on the latest optimization modeling research that are built specifically to incorporate modern grid uncertainty.

Ideal Energy Storage

Determine viability and optimized storage locations, sizes, and dispatch schedules as well as accurate asset valuations that properly incorporate ancillary benefits.

Renewable Congestion & LMP

Identify detrimental pricing and grid congestion impacts of any project and automatically receive solutions to overcome constraints.


Improve long-range planning processes by properly incorporating the impacts of dynamic grid technologies such as renewable generation and storage.

Software Benefits

True Valuation

Properly incorporate ancillary benefits and price-maker assumptions

Empower Internal Analysis

Perform analysis historically reserved for external consultants and modeling specialists.

Renewable Curtailment

Determine potential for curtailment of a renewable site

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