Power System Modeling & Optimization

Renewable siting and grid modeling software for faster and more accurate results.

Software & Solutions

Advanced software solutions that optimize site identification, project analysis, and grid modeling activities for utilities, renewable developers, and other energy industry stakeholders.

AO Platform

Energy Analysis Platform

A powerful software platform built on the cloud capable of performing flexible and integrated energy analysis workflows.

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AO Prospect

Renewable Siting

Identify quality land for new sites in a matter of minutes using a variety of data and proprietary automation capabilities.

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AO Site Analysis

Site Feasibility & Valuation

Perform automated site analysis to determine the true valuation, ideal technology mix, and optimal parameters for your project.

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AO Energy Markets

Grid Modeling & Optimization

Utilize cutting-edge production cost and optimization modeling frameworks for injection studies, price and congestion analysis, storage modeling, and more.

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Why Anderson Optimization?

Enhanced Models

Institute models created specifically to analyze modern grids with renewables and storage to generate more accurate results than competing tools that use dated models designed for unrealistic legacy grids.

Cloud Computing

Attain scalable computing power to generate results in minutes rather than hours with other solutions.

Data Visualization

Create clear data visualizations that make it easier to quickly gain valuable insights instead of digging through unrefined technical output of other software.

Scenario Analysis

Automatically run thousands of simulations to easily determine optimal parameters that will maximize project returns instead of manually modeling each scenario.


Save time and increase your project analysis and development return on investment.

Our Approach

We utilize over a decade of cutting-edge power system modeling, optimization research, and industry experience to deliver the best solution to every customer.

We provide a core suite of software tools along with customization and new feature development services to ensure that our solutions best meet users’ needs while seamlessly integrating into their existing workflows. Our additional consultative services further ensure that clients attain maximum value from our software.


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